#24 In my imagination, I can be anything I want…

In my imagination

…even a pirate surfing on a shark!



#23 I don’t want you to feel sorry for me



#21 On the edge of a new age this is still our dogma



  • Hair: .~Tableau Vivant~ – Keiran hair
  • Horns: [CX] – Restrained Demons Horns
  • Katanas: [CX] – Katana Kanzashi (Silver) RARE
  • Mask: [CX] Restrained Demons Mask
  • Necklace: PFC – Trapped Soul
  • Kimono: ~SSS~ – KIMONO Katahadanugi Night
  • Claws: [CX] – Metal Claws Rogue  @Uber
  • Geta: [CX] – Sasu Geta Black
  • Arm Amor: [The Forge] – Daerwen Armour
  • Floating Bandages: {aii} –  Hagoromo Silver
  • Tattoo: DAPPA – Dynasty Tattoo  @The Fashion Fair 2015

#20 Now I’m standing on the rooftop, ready to fall

Raven2A little reminder for you…The Fasion Fair 2015 starts in a few days! More specifically on February 1, 2015 to February 28, 2015. Here is a small preview of the shirt with comes from Stitched for men in three colors….black, red and blue.


  • Hair: [monso] – My Hair – Jay/ Black Brown
  • Scarf: tag. – scarf male III
  • Vest: Wonton – Lynx Fur Vest  / Mixed
  • Shirt: Stitched – Ron Black  @Fashion Fair 2015
  • Pants: D-Style – Krave Jeans
  • Boots: <Schuldig>  – Acrux Stiefel
  • Bag: RO – Messenger Bag – Never Surrender
  • Pose: {Sitting Pretty} – Tracei

#19 I remember drinking as the stars were falling

I remember drinking as the stars were falling2Epia brings us one of the most popular party games to SL.

The Beer Pong Table!

The table contains 6 features which are as follows:

  • Fully playable game table with bouncing pong ball to throw into the cups of your opponent
  • Easy to use dialog menu with Skins (owner-only), Reset, Help and Get a Cup options.
  • 8 skins included: Weed, Wood, Gurly, Hipster, Future, Babes, EPIA, Football.
  • Drinking, standing, throwing, and drunk animations.
  •  High quality mesh- and texture work. Land Impact of 13.
  • The table texture is included so you have the possibility to create your own designs.

My friends and I had quite a few nights our fun with it. So if you have enough
of the Dice..grab your Beer Pong Table at The Chapter Four or at the EPIA




#18 The morning doesn´t judge me for who I love



  • Bed: [Tia] -The Jarls Bed
  • Side Table: [Tia] – Throne of Odin – Side Table
  • Rugs: [Tia] – Bear floor rug
  • Throne: [Tia] Throne of Odin
  • Plaque: *AF* – Symbolic Plaque – Triquetra
  • Candles: *AF* Maiden Tor Candles (Part of the Maiden Tor Collection @The Secret Affair)
  • Tray: *AF* – Utility Tray v1
  • Pillow: *AF* – Mission Pillows
  • Pouf: *AF* – Mission Pouf Rnd Dk Leather
  • Antler: [CK] – Antler Wall Lamp
  • Hammer: (epia) – Berserker Hammer – Gold
  • Head Accessory on V.: *LODE* – Head Accessory – Lavander  @The Secret Affair