#21 On the edge of a new age this is still our dogma



  • Hair: .~Tableau Vivant~ – Keiran hair
  • Horns: [CX] – Restrained Demons Horns
  • Katanas: [CX] – Katana Kanzashi (Silver) RARE
  • Mask: [CX] Restrained Demons Mask
  • Necklace: PFC – Trapped Soul
  • Kimono: ~SSS~ – KIMONO Katahadanugi Night
  • Claws: [CX] – Metal Claws Rogue  @Uber
  • Geta: [CX] – Sasu Geta Black
  • Arm Amor: [The Forge] – Daerwen Armour
  • Floating Bandages: {aii} –  Hagoromo Silver
  • Tattoo: DAPPA – Dynasty Tattoo  @The Fashion Fair 2015

#20 Now I’m standing on the rooftop, ready to fall

Raven2A little reminder for you…The Fasion Fair 2015 starts in a few days! More specifically on February 1, 2015 to February 28, 2015. Here is a small preview of the shirt with comes from Stitched for men in three colors….black, red and blue.


  • Hair: [monso] – My Hair – Jay/ Black Brown
  • Scarf: tag. – scarf male III
  • Vest: Wonton – Lynx Fur Vest  / Mixed
  • Shirt: Stitched – Ron Black  @Fashion Fair 2015
  • Pants: D-Style – Krave Jeans
  • Boots: <Schuldig>  – Acrux Stiefel
  • Bag: RO – Messenger Bag – Never Surrender
  • Pose: {Sitting Pretty} – Tracei

#19 I remember drinking as the stars were falling

I remember drinking as the stars were falling2Epia brings us one of the most popular party games to SL.

The Beer Pong Table!

The table contains 6 features which are as follows:

  • Fully playable game table with bouncing pong ball to throw into the cups of your opponent
  • Easy to use dialog menu with Skins (owner-only), Reset, Help and Get a Cup options.
  • 8 skins included: Weed, Wood, Gurly, Hipster, Future, Babes, EPIA, Football.
  • Drinking, standing, throwing, and drunk animations.
  •  High quality mesh- and texture work. Land Impact of 13.
  • The table texture is included so you have the possibility to create your own designs.

My friends and I had quite a few nights our fun with it. So if you have enough
of the Dice..grab your Beer Pong Table at The Chapter Four or at the EPIA




#18 The morning doesn´t judge me for who I love



  • Bed: [Tia] -The Jarls Bed
  • Side Table: [Tia] – Throne of Odin – Side Table
  • Rugs: [Tia] – Bear floor rug
  • Throne: [Tia] Throne of Odin
  • Plaque: *AF* – Symbolic Plaque – Triquetra
  • Candles: *AF* Maiden Tor Candles (Part of the Maiden Tor Collection @The Secret Affair)
  • Tray: *AF* – Utility Tray v1
  • Pillow: *AF* – Mission Pillows
  • Pouf: *AF* – Mission Pouf Rnd Dk Leather
  • Antler: [CK] – Antler Wall Lamp
  • Hammer: (epia) – Berserker Hammer – Gold
  • Head Accessory on V.: *LODE* – Head Accessory – Lavander  @The Secret Affair

#17 Tales of a brave man

this is it2Artisan Fantasy released a nordic Ritual Collection for The Secret Affair.

Personally, I am in love with this set. It includes not only an altar with the
tree of life also two different versions of the pews that can be placed even 
with dragon heads or without. These also include matching candles and 
goblets to hold or both on a tray. Altar and pews are available in two different
shades of wood Warm and Weathered.
Fixed for me as a fan of the North and the Vikings is that this set a gets place of honor in my home. The Secret Affair has just opened on the 15th so visit the location and grab some of the incredible items there.

Fashion Fair 2015

JhwKg7tFashion Fair
February 1, 2015 – February 28, 2015

“I like my money where I can see it — hanging in my closet.”
-Carrie Bradshaw

Welcome to the Fashion Fair 2015!
Join Royal Event Management and all of your favorite designers in an exciting new venue as we help to make your New Year fabulous!
Come and explore this year’s fair, teeming with new creations, old favorites, and the best designers SL has to offer. Fall in love with new creators and reacquaint yourself with beloved brands as they roll out fresh ideas and their latest releases!
Your New Year’s resolutions may have been thrown out like last season’s collections, but here’s one we can help you keep: to fill your closet with brand new 2015 style and be the new you that you want to be!

The Fashion Fair 2015 will bring you:

● the best Designers on the grid
● full four weeks of fashion
● one exclusive item per store
● all you need to create the new YOU
● new Fashion Trends 2015

The Fashion Fair will open at 02/01/2015.

∙ CandyDoll
∙ Catwa
∙ Essences
∙ F.A.D.
∙ Paperbag
∙ Random.Matter
∙ Spirit
∙ Whatever


Flickr Group : https://www.flickr.com/groups/2745314@N24/
Homepage :

If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of the following people.

SL Fashion Week Staff:
⋙Event Manager:          Anna C. Grey (annagrey Resident)
⋙Event Manager:           Nheria Resident
⋙Event Assistant:         ᶯ ᵒ ᵥ ᵃ  (Noctea Despres)
⋙Blogger Manager:         ᴍʀs.ᴅᴀᴀᴍᴀs (kyra Weiser)

Created by: Royal Event Management  2014/15

#16 Sometimes our light must shine brighter ..

Snapshot_001…..in order to achieve our friends.

First of all, I must apologize for the long absence.

There are many reasons for this but I want to keep it to myself. As you can 
see on the quality of the images I have problems with my graphics card but 
I hope I can fix it soon. I thank you for your understanding and that you have 
waited so patiently!

I appreciate that!