#18 The morning doesn´t judge me for who I love



  • Bed: [Tia] -The Jarls Bed
  • Side Table: [Tia] – Throne of Odin – Side Table
  • Rugs: [Tia] – Bear floor rug
  • Throne: [Tia] Throne of Odin
  • Plaque: *AF* – Symbolic Plaque – Triquetra
  • Candles: *AF* Maiden Tor Candles (Part of the Maiden Tor Collection @The Secret Affair)
  • Tray: *AF* – Utility Tray v1
  • Pillow: *AF* – Mission Pillows
  • Pouf: *AF* – Mission Pouf Rnd Dk Leather
  • Antler: [CK] – Antler Wall Lamp
  • Hammer: (epia) – Berserker Hammer – Gold
  • Head Accessory on V.: *LODE* – Head Accessory – Lavander  @The Secret Affair

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